Business Trust Marlborough have provided great value and information to out Networker's meetings and members. we value the partnership we have with them. Maria Gold

Advice provided by my mentor through the Blenheim Business Trust have given me more confidence in making changes to how I do business in a post-Covid 19 environment. These changes will have a positive and lasting impact on my business. It’s been great to have someone to bring a fresh perspective to how I work and defining what successful looks like for me.  Anna Bensemann, Base Line Group Marlborough

I moved to Marlborough with my business in tow two years ago and did not know a soul.  I took the plunge to engage a Business Mentor and have had the pleasure of working with Toni Gillan and Brian Dawson.  They both have different yet fantastic skill sets and I cannot recommend them enough.With the help of my current mentor, Brian Dawson, I am more accountable in my business.  Brian has helped me create more visibility for my brand that has successfully moved my business from the start-up phase to the next level.I really appreciate how Marlborough Business Trust has the focus on putting the local businesses forward within the region, promote the local businesses and never fails for recommend the local businesses.Thank you so much for keeping it local Marlborough Business Trust. Kamni Raju-Russell

Richard (our Business Mentor) has been and continues to be great.  He has gone above and beyond what we could have asked for. Christian and Linda Fletcher-Firks, Clearview Cleaning

Sue from the Business Mentors Trust was very professional in assisting us with our initial business plan and she provided excellent contacts, who have been immensely helpful. We now have a clear pathway for the development of our business, and the right support structures in place to help us be successful. It has been an excellent starting point for us. JC

David (my Business Mentor) has been awesome: Fast at replying to me, confident in his own advice and cuts to the important issues. Kristie Amadio, Recovered Living

We have been just delighted with Richard (our Business Mentor). He has really helped us to get on track and we are benefiting from our relationship with him. Kate and Andrew Vavasour, Vavasour Landscape

My mentor Jac Lockington has been great!  I like her a lot and we got on like a house on fire, right from the first meeting, so thanks for teaming us up.  She has been a wonderful sounding board, encourager, and giver of sensible advice.  Also she's been able to look at a few things from the outside looking in and had insights that were fresh for me. Leandra Robinson - Personal Travel Manager, Thornley and Turner Travel Associates.

Your appreciation of my situation  was heartfelt and sincere. You then recommended that I try a Business Mentor, and the person sent to assist was spot on, no nonsense, down to earth person, with a lot of personal experience. His comments and suggestions have revitalised both my business and myself. I cannot speak too highly of the support received. Very many thanks for your help and time.  Ted Ellens, Marlborough Locksmiths

I had a one hour business consultation with the Business Trust Marlborough Client Advisor that went well and was worthwhile for me. The suggestions that Sue gave me were, helpful and/or thought provoking. I have implemented some of these ideas. All in all this business consultation rejuvenated my attitude to my business, and I am very pleased to have had the opportunity. Gordan Wilson, Imperial Limousines

We have reapplied this year for our second business mentor through the Business Trust Marlborough. Our first mentor has helped us to rise from a part time business to a fully-fledged business employing staff. We have just started working with a second mentor who is helping us with the specific area of niche marketing. We are excited with the new potential this is already creating. If Marlborough is to lead New Zealand in business excellence and innovation, it must start at the grass roots, the businesses themselves. Business mentoring is an excellent catalyst for this and we recommend quality mentoring to any business that asks us our advice. Will and Rose Parsons, Driftwood Eco Tours

Thank you so much for assigning Sigrun as my business mentor - She is fantastic.  I am getting along really well with her and she is really motivating, with great ideas which I am slowly implementing. Julia Davidson, Julia's Herbal Health

A big thank you to Business Trust Marlborough. I have only just arrived in the area and started setting up business here. They were able to connect me to all the right people in minutes. Fast, friendly and an invaluable kick start. Exactly what I needed, Leon Jay Founder of FusionHQ Ltd

Thank you very much for all your help. We appreciate the way you explained how business works here in New Zealand. Your knowledge and understanding of business are very good. You made it easy for us to understand. Especially thank you for the time you met with us outside work hours.  Thank you again for everything and hope to see you again. Gracias!  Sebastian & Daniela, La Ruca - Friendly Latin Food

Business Mentors New Zealand has been an investment for Marlborough Podiatry Ltd.  The expert advice and pointers by different mentors have been a positive push in the right direction. It has not all been an easy process as homework and some real hard decisions have o be made in the process, which all add into the end achievements.  I would recommend Business Mentors New Zealand and the team behind the scenes who get to know where you are at, what you need and can help plan the momentum forward.  Kaylene Mooiman, Marlborough Podiatry

Working with David has been great. He has a good ear, good judgement and I have found the entire mentoring experience really helpful and of benefit to me personally and our organisation.  Would recommend to anyone else without reservation.  Andreja Phillips - National Manager, NZ Newcomers Network