Checklist for Business Startup

This checklist is meant as a starting guide for businesses, this is not a complete list but a generic list for all businesses. Please contact us for further information, clarification and to be put in touch with those you might need to assist you.

  • Business Mentor – this programme is administered by BTM, we’d love to discuss with you further
  • Business networking events – see separate list
  • Accountant – they can help you through budget, software, tax obligations, and any other financial queries you might have
  • Set up a separate bank account
  • Budget – we have a template available or your accountant can help with this
  • Business Plan – there are a few options in detail and length, we have some templates available, see our section on these
  • Health and Safety – the complexity will depend on your business type, but it is still important to consider
  • Insurance – a broker will be able to assist you with what you need
  • Name Protection – check that your business name isn’t being used by someone else, the website domain name, social media usernames and Trademark isn’t already taken
  • Lawyer/Legal Requirements – make sure you check what the legal requirements are for your business, a lawyer can help with this

Click here to download a printable pdf of this list.